School Chocolate Workshops

Bring the Keystage 2 topic of chocolate to life with a session with International Chocolate Judge Jennifer Earle.

Jen returns each year to several schools to deliver the same engaging workshop to Year 3/4 students.


* Jen uses images and props (including dried beans and pods) to bring to life the story from cocoa tree to chocolate bar.

* She also teaches students to "taste chocolate like a professional" and gives them the opportunity to assess and judge three chocolates.

* Finally, using special equipment, she creates an 18th Century-style hot chocolate for the students to experience.

The workshop is interactive with the students given the opportunity to smell, touch and taste and to ask and answer questions. It does not include chocolate making, but kits and/or guidance can be provided to support teachers in leading chocolate making sessions on their own.


Senses and descriptive words
Social justice / Fair trade (optional)
Food Science
Fractions and percentages


From £300

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