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Do you want to know the best chocolate, pastries and plantbased food in the UK?

Jen is the (wo)man on the ground in London for smart food manufacturers and retailers who use her to find out what's new in chocolate, cake, desserts and plant-based food in London. See Food Innovation Safaris for more!

She is also regularly re-booked to run entertaining and delicious chocolate tastings for team events and dinners for companies like Google, Amex, Amazon, Meta, McKinsey and Deloitte.

Jen uses her 17 years experience of running tours in London and her knowledge of the London food scene to create bespoke food tours for visitors to London who appreciate great food and want some London history thrown in.

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Private Food Tours for Fun!

Bespoke Food tour group of happy guests in London with Jennifer Earle

If you are a visitor to London who loves food, it can be totally overwhelming to figure out where to go to eat. So many foods that look great on Instagram and TikTok taste like they were made to look great on Instagram and TikTok...

Jen can make sure you taste the most delicious things during your London visit. She'll work with you before you arrive to curate a special tour that brings joy to everyone in your group. On the day she'll capture some photographs of you together and transfer them to you digitally. (because you're probably also someone who comes back from adventures with lots of photos of food and very few of yourselves!).

Book Jen to make sure your trip to London comes with no culinary regrets...

Food Innovation Tours

Racks of sourdough bread seen on a Food Safari with Jennifer Earle

Find out the latest on the London food scene during a Food Safari with Jennifer Earle,  former food industry buyer and developer, current food "influencer" and international food judge, to drive your category planning.

Jen knows what it's like to sit on your side of the table, but now spends her time doing all the things there's never enough time to do in a development role within a big company: strolling the streets and scrolling the screens to see what's new, interesting and sticking.

Join manufacturers and retailers like Tesco, BBF, AAK and Premier Foods, for insight and inspiration that will increase your number of hits and win you more business.

Work with Jen to create products that fly off the shelves...

Jennifer Earle

is an International Chocolate Judge and Food Innovation Consultant who helps individuals and companies taste the best chocolate, desserts and bakery items available in the UK.

Jen delivers entertaining and informative group sessions on chocolate for companies and private groups, and helps retailers and manufacturers develop innovative and on-trend products in the chocolate, bakery, dessert, breakfast, plantbased, snacks and food-to-go categories.

NEWS! Incoming podcast launch!

In March Jen launched "The Next Delicious Thing" a weekly podcast and email newsletter of the most delicious things she's tried recently. Tune in for 10-15 minute summaries of what you should be trying next and some food geekery as well.

Jennifer Earle Food Consultant and London Tour Guide

Innovation and Consulting

Knowledge and insight that leads to new product development and increased sales.
Jen specialises in London Food Safaris for plant based, vegan, cakes, chocolate, desserts and bakery.


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Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, Taste Tripper, Mystery Chocolate Tastings and The Next Delicious Thing have also received wide coverage.

Food Judging

Jen is, or has been, a judge for the food awards below. Including serving on the Grand Jury for both Chocolate Awards and as a Chocolate Expert for the Great Taste Awards and Which? Magazine.

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