Connecting People to Excellent Food

Jennifer Earle specialises in connecting people to excellent food - through Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, Mystery Chocolate Tastings, Food Innovation Safaris for food retailers and manufacturers, writing, her popular social media channels, her upcoming podcast "The Next Delicious Thing (mostly sweet)", and as a guest in print, on TV and on radio and podcasts.

She is mostly known for chocolate but is also sought for comment and tours on desserts, baked goods, ice cream, snacking, street food and vegan and plant-based foods.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours
Chocolate Ecstasy Tours
Jen's first baby (b. 2005). Chocolate Ecstasy Tours offers insider guided tours to London's best chocolate, ice cream and sweet treats.
Tours are available to be booked privately and will be led by Jen's team.
Food Tours of London; food safaris. Plum danishes.
Food Safaris
Curated bespoke tours and reports for retailers and food manufacturers to drive their innovation pipeline.
Chocolate Ecstasy Tours in the press. Norwegian newspaper.
TV & Radio Credits include Sunday Brunch, Chris Evan's Radio Show, Sky News, Rachel Khoo's Chocolate series and more.
Shiny chocolate caramels. Learn to make chocolate!
Interested in an introductory chocolate making workshop? If a non-chocolatier can make these, so can you! Learn from Jen online with the Workshop App.
Mystery Chocolate Tasting by Jennifer Earle. Chocolate box.
Connecting chocolate lovers to monthly curated boxes from Britain's best, tasted live.
Last public dates:
13 Jan 2022 (vegan) & 15 Feb 2022
Private tastings on request.
Gelato by Jack's Gelato
Curated Food Guides

If you're visiting London and want a bespoke personal tour or written guide please get in touch via the contact link below.

Podcast icon for The Next Delicious Thing with Jennifer Earle

Jen's weekly podcast "The Next Delicious Thing (mostly sweet)" is coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts.

London kitchen for hire. Blue kitchen. Renovation inspiration.
Kitchen Rental

Jen's home kitchen is available for hire for filming, photography, workshops and supperclubs. Full of natural light, connected to a garden, has off street parking and is close to good public transport links.

Cocoa pods and cocoa beans. School Chocolate Workshops. KS2 school trips.
Entertaining and informative Key Stage 2 workshops on the history and production of chocolate.