Chocolate and Hot Sauce - w/e 21 March 2021

September 16, 2021
  1. Bare Cacao drink - made in a caffetiere.
  2. Maison Patron's white chocolate and passionfruit truffle that came as part of their at-home meal kit dinner. Also the truffle macaron. Yep, that truffle.
  3. Holly Chocs chewy praline - it's not the one that went in April's Mystery Chocolate Tasting but it was incredible - like bites of a posh Twix. Properly chewy caramel, hazelnuts and biscuity crunch. Too moreish.
  4. Pistachio Chocolate from New Forest Chocolate. Though I loved them all.
  5. And the non-chocolate entry for this chocolatey week: Juliet's Quality Foods' (the brunch venue in Tooting) Fermented Chilli Sauce. Perfect on avocado toast, probably with eggs, too, if I ate them. It's luminous with a gentle heat, some sweetness and tang.