Directory of UK Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers

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The directory below was originally created during the first pandemic lockdown of 2020 and stored on Finally it exists again! The businesses are not necessarily recommendations from me , just a resource to help you find artisan chocolate easily deliverable within the UK. If you'd like to see if I've tasted and recommend chocolate from them use the search bar in the top right to see if they have been mentioned amongst "The Next Delicious Thing" blog.

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UK Bean to Bar Chocolate Directory

Bare Bones ChocolateBare Bones Chocolate

Glasgow based company making truly fantastic chocolate that you'll also find available as a hot chocolate in great coffee shops in the UK.
Bullion ChocolateBullion Bean to Bar chocolate

Bean to bar makers in Sheffield whose factory and cafe is currently closed but you can get their bars and brownies and eggs online.

Fantastic bean to bar maker based in Cornwall with many origins and some unique flavoured bars.
DormouseDormouse Chocolate

Talented and award-winning chocolate makers. You need to try their toasted white and some of their single origins, too.
Duffy'sDuffy's Chocolate

2011 Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean Award. One of the first Bean to Bar Makers in Britain. The new raspberry bar is incredible but the single origins are also superb.
Firetree ChocolateFiretree Chocolate

Bars made from beans grown in volcanic soil. 100% vegan, kosher & halal. Deliveries fit through the letterbox.
Forever CacaoForever Cacao

All of Pablo's bars are made from unroasted cocoa beans in Wales. They're all vegan and they're delicious.
Islands ChocolateIslands Chocolate

Tree to bar chocolate made in London from the owner's family's trees in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Excellent value large bags for baking!
J CocoaJ Cocoa bean to bar chocolate

The most sustainable packaging of any bean to bar chocolate maker.  Bars and vegan caramels delivered. Award-winning bars - especially recommend the coffee milk chocolate!
Land ChocolateLand Chocolate

Excellent bean to bar chocolate + hot chocolate. There's an oat milk bar, too!
LucocoaLucocoa Chocolate

Lucocoa have just turned 5! Their chocolate bars are made in London from the cocoa bean using unrefined coconut sugar and Lucuma powder. These are pretty special chocolate bars.
Luisa's Vegan ChocolatesLuisa's vegan chocolates

Academy of Chocolate's UK Rising Star, Luisa is the first bean to bar maker in Nottingham. Partners with female cocoa growers.
NearyNogsNearynogs Irish Bean To Bar Chocolate

Neary Nogs are a husband and wife team isolating during COVID-19 and living right next door to their factory - the first in Northern Island.  Postage is done via Drop & Go. There are some unique Irish flavours available.
Pump Street ChocolatePump Street Chocolate

Pump Street Bakery started making chocolate from the bean in 2012 in Orford, Suffolk. Their most famous and popular bars are the very addictive ones that include their bread and other baked products. Also baked goods!
Seed ChocolateSeed Chocolate

James spent 20 years as an award-winning chef before founding Staffordshire's first bean to bar company.
SolkikiSolkiki Bean to Bar Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Owned & Operated. Winner of multiple awards. All Bean to Bar. So many interesting flavoured. The white chocolate peanut bar is crazy addictive.
The Chocolate Detective by Chantal Coady Chantal Coady Chocolate

Chocolate world legend Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates and author of several  books on chocolate and cocoa farm owner, is now making bean to bar chocolate.
The Chocolate TreeThe Chocolate Tree

Ali and his wife Frederika were the first Scottish Bean to Bar Makers. Their Pina Colada bar is one of my favourites and their pralines are fabulous. Currently production is paused but the two of them are packing orders.
Well Bean CoWell Bean Co

Vegan bean to bar chocolate made in London by Charlie and Laura. 5p from every bar goes to Mental Health charities. The peanut bar is like a grown-up candy bar and so good.
Willies CacaoWillie's Cacao

Widely available in supermarkets and excellent value for money. Willie's white chocolate is one of the best I've tried.
York Cocoa HouseYork Cocoa House

Founded by Sophie Jewett in the heart of York making and selling truffles and hot chocolate, the business is now a chocolate factory that also makes excellent bars from the cocoa bean.